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Since 2004, operations executives have turned to the COO Forum®.
​This is how we assist our members in achieving breakthrough results:

Peer Forums

Operations executives engage in our local Peer Forums, which currently meet in most major U.S. markets, virtually and/or in person. We also offer regional Virtual Forum Chapters based on the industry, company size, and experience-level of your choice.

Presenters and Workshops

Learn from industry experts at both your Peer Forum and during our monthly Global Presenter Series. You gain access to unique learning opportunities with our custom-developed workshops.

Issue Sharing

The heart of your Peer Forum experience is sharing your business challenges with your peers utilizing our exclusive process, 

The Arena™. You emerge with insights and actions you can immediately implement in your business.

COO Forum Network

You significantly grow your peer network of executives and thought leaders from over 25 local, regional, and national Peer Forums. You interact and share insights on our member-exclusive COOeForum® app and with our 19K+ LinkedIn Group members.

Bottom line, our members achieve access to the latest tools, resources, and insights found nowhere else.

About us:

We were the FIRST!

It's like landing on the moon!

We were the first organization to

focus on the COO role.

We created the COOeForum®

Our members were the first to have 

a mobile app that connected them to their 

peers and learning resources!

We've always had the best value!

What do you expect from an

organization that helps COOs

run more efficiently?

The COO Forum was founded in 2004 in the Silicon Valley by Bill Shepard. The organization has become the peer-based professional development home for Chief Operating Officers and operations executives. The COO Forum recognizes the significant role the COO and operations executives play in executing the CEO's strategies and delivering results for the organization.

Since its inception over 18-years ago, the COO Forum has grown to more than 25 Peer Forums throughout the United States. We host Peer Forums in all regions and in most major U.S. markets, as well as serving COOs internationally in Europe, Canada, and Australia.  

Meet our Team!

We didn't become the authority in guiding COOs overnight. It's taken almost 20-years and 1000's of deep discussions with some of the best operations executives and thought leaders in the world.