Five easy steps to becoming a member of COO Forum®

Step 1: Do I meet qualifications?

Membership qualifications
Our members are committed to their professional development with the following requirements:
  • Currently in the executive level operations role for your organization or division, reporting to the CEO and holding the title of COO, Vice President, or Director. Other titles may also qualify if you are responsible for operations including, President, GM, CFO, CTO, CIO, CAO, Partner, CEO/COO

Please contact us if you are in a special role that should be considered. 

  • Can commit to attending your monthly peer group meeting. Being present is critical for both you and your peers. 
  • High integrity, respect, and ability to maintain confidentiality of peer discussions, actively participate in meetings, willingness to listen and offer personal insights. 
New to the Role?

You have come to the right place! We are home to new COOs that bring their energy towards learning and growing with us.

Not in an Operations Executive yet?

Contact us if you are preparing to become an Operations Executive. We have other offerings and programs that will help prepare you for the role. 

Business Requirements
  • Our members come from diverse industries including nonprofit.
  • No minimum revenue size. Most of our member companies are small to medium, with some over $500M.

Step 2: Submit a membership application

If you meet the membership qualifications, next step is to submit an application. It only takes a few minutes.

Apply for membership

Step 3: Membership candidate review and discussion

We review your application and schedule a 30 minute Zoom call to learn more about you, review your application and help answer any questions you have. 

You might also be contacted by one of our Chapter Directors to discuss specific chapter details.

Step 4: Approval

If you have made the cut, congratulations! You are now joining the best Operations Executive peer community in the world!

Step 5: Onboarding

You are now ready to be onboarded. You will be directed to a payment gateway to provide payment for your 12-month membership. Next, you will be introduced to your COO Forum Member Ambassador. Your Ambassador will share what it's like to be a member and how to make the most of your membership. You will also receive links to your chapter meetings, executive sessions, presenter sessions and the COOeForum®.