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Our WHY:

Empower operations executives 

to achieve more.

We were founded on a mission to provide operations executives the best peer-based,

 professional development experience in the world. By doing so, we help YOU  achieve more.

Since 2004

Because you set high standards, so do WE!

Our Values

Maintain Confidentiality always.

Act with Integrity.

Respect each other and our CEOs.

Commit to Self Improvement.

Support our peers.

A little about our history:

We were founded in Silicon Valley, in 2004 by Bill Shepard, who served in nearly every C-suite role during his time at Gap, Pacific Linen, NordicTrack, Cole National, and Phillips Electronics. Throughout his own career and professional development journey, Bill always felt that there was no peer-based professional development offered providing the COO with a safe, confidential place to meet and work through the biggest challenges of the role … and that is what led to the creation of the COO Forum! 


Since the beginning, the COO Forum has helped thousands of operations executives navigate the challenges of their roles. While business environments, strategies, and technology rapidly change, our Mission remains the same:

Provide Operations Executives the best peer-based professional development experience in the world!