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Frequently Asked Questions:ions:

What are the requirements for membership?

We are looking for operations executives committed to their professional development with the following characteristics:

  • In the executive level operations role for your organization or division, holding the title of COO, Vice President, or Director. Other titles may also qualify if you are responsible for operations including, President, GM, CFO, CTO, CIO, CAO, Partner, CEO/COO. Please contact us if you are in a special role that should be considered. 
  • Can commit to attending your monthly peer group meeting. Being present is critical for both you and your peers. 
  • High integrity, respect, and ability to maintain confidentiality of peer discussions, actively participate in meetings, willingness to listen and offer personal insights. 
What is the cost for membership?

Our 12-month membership fee is $3,600 USD. 

You can join during any calendar month.

What if there isn't a peer forum near me?

Not a problem!

You can choose from one of our many local peer forums outside of your area, or choose from one of our Virtual Forum Chapters (VFCs.) Our VFCs operate just like our local peer forums. Typically our VFCs are formed based on a geographic region or for the purpose of allowing members from small market areas to participate.

What are the peer group meetings like?

We like to say that our members are the heart of the COO Forum® and your peer group meetings are the engine. Our meetings are designed to focus on the needs of each peer group forum, so it is very common that each group takes on its own character and variation in format. Your peer group meetings will typically follow this format:

  • 6-12 members per forum
  • Meet in-person or virtually for 90-120 minutes each month. (Meetings are typically scheduled out for the year for planning purposes.)
  • Open with introductions if guests are present, or a round of member updates.
  • Open table discussion for pressing member business issues.
  • Meeting types typically rotate between a presenter/workshop, topic/whitepaper focused or member challenges using the COO Arena™ process.
  • May include occasional social get-togethers and meet-ups.
Who leads the peer group meetings?

All of our peer group meetings are led by trained professionals (Forum Directors), who are current or former executives. Our Forum Directors typically own their own consulting, advising, or coaching practice. All of our Forum Directors are driven to help members succeed in their roles.  

How do I become a member?

We are excited that you are considering joining us!

Our process is pretty straight forward for joining. We typically begin by following up on your interest with a phone or zoom call. This may be done by someone on our membership services team or your local Forum Director. This is our opportunity to get to know you and understand your goals for membership. 

Then we typically:

  • Invite you to speak with your local Forum Director if you haven't already.
  • You will get invited to join an upcoming local peer group meeting or presenter session.

Next, we check in with you following your meeting to see how you enjoyed your time with us. (We're pretty confident you enjoyed it!)

Then, we ask you ask you to complete and submit our online application. 

Afterwards, we make our final decision and invite you to join! 

Then, we instruct you on making your membership payment to complete the process.

What happens after I join?

You become an immediate member our COO Forum® family!

You will be sent a welcome email that contains all of the information and links to join:

  • Our member virtual network, the COOeForum®
  • Introduction to your member Ambassador to welcome and connect with you.
  • Connect to our LinkedIn company page and COO Forum LinkedIn group.


  • You will receive invites to your local Forum meetings and our monthly presenter and workshop sessions.

That's it. The next part is on you. Jump into the COOeForum® to introduce yourself, engage in a discussion or search for resources. Then, attend your next Forum group meeting and start enjoying your peer experience. 

Don't see a question here that you would like to ask, not a problem! 

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