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Membership Criteria
Member Profile
Member Benefits
Company Benefits
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Membership Criteria

Open to all business leaders who are responsible for the operations of their company or division. Often times titles and roles are not synonymous across organizations but typically, you will hold the title:

  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • President or General Manager
  • Executive/ Senior/ Vice President 
  • Executive/ Senior/ Associate Director
  • Managing Partner or Founder
  • Director of Operations/ Strategy
  • Chief Administrative Officer/ Chief of Staff
Personal Attributes

We pride ourselves on having the best operations executives who demonstrate:

  • Ownership of their professional development
  • High integrity
  • Respect for others including their CEOs
  • Support for their peers
  • Active participation
  • Commitment to COO Forum meetings
  • Confidentiality

Member Profile
Our members come from:
  • 20+ different industries
  • Company sizes ranging from <$5M to $100M+
  • Experience levels ranging from <1 to 20+ years
  • Across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia
Member Benefits

The success of peer learning in safe, confidential, and collaborative environments has been documented and empirically shown worldwide. The COO, sandwiched between the CEO/Board and the leadership team, is a challenging role and at times lonely. Having a community of peers as guides and advisors becomes a winning solution​.

Peer Support

We work collaboratively to assess new and emerging ideas, solutions, processes, and tools.

Shared Experiences

Our member community is one that knows the operations and COO role well. COO Forum members provide new, focused insight and input through our scheduled meetings, workshops, in our member forums, and through off-line conversations and networking.  Respected and trusted colleagues give honest and thoughtful advice, suggestions, and recommendations without an agenda.

Company Benefits
Business Effectiveness

Our members improve their personal functional effectiveness while also improving business performance across the entire enterprise. For the past 18-years, we have been helping organizations with our unique insights developed from conversations with 1000's of operations executives and industry experts.

Leadership Alignment

Executive alignment with the CEO is critical to the success of the organization. Executing strategies require the operations executive to work closely with not only the CEO and senior leaders, but often times multiple levels of an organization's leadership team. Our members benefit from the shared experiences of other executives and bring best alignment practices back to their organizations.

Succession Planning

Nothing is more critical to an organization than preparing future leaders. COO Forum participation is an investment in your operations executive and prepares them for increased responsibility. 

New Tools & Resources

Your organization will benefit from the many tools and techniques members have access to through

our Global Presenter Series, local presenters, and custom-developed workshops and learning experiences. 

Renewed Energy

Let's face it. The life of an executive is challenging and takes a tremendous amount of energy to fulfill 

the role. Our meetings are business-focused, yet, we also provide members a chance to step

away from the workplace and recharge their batteries.  Our members develop strong connections with

COO Forum peers who help them take on new challenges.

We've been building the best peer connections and communities since 2004!

Program Design
Program ElementFrequencyDuration
 Peer Forum Meetings 12 Monthly (Dates/times vary per chapter) Typically 2 hours +
 Local & regional presenters/workshops Typically 3-4 per year As part of regular monthly Peer Forum meetings
 Global Presenter Series (Thought Leaders) Monthly (Topics are driven by members)1.5 Hours
 Global Executive Sessions (COO Forum-wide) Monthly (Member-led issue sharing/ solutions) 1.5 hours
 Industry expert-led workshops*   Typically 3-4 per year Varies (Typically 1 hour +)
 COOeForum® Member-driven virtual collaboration tool Varies
Program Cost

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP - 12-Month Program: $2,750 per annual or

QUARTERLY PAYMENT OPTION - 12-Month Program: $800 per quarter (billed automatically per quarter)