Finding The Perfect Match

14.02.23 03:46 PM By Shawneen Orzechowski

Finding the perfect match can seem intimidating ...

Whether you have found your perfect match or still looking, falling in love with a career and company can be intimidating. In this age of virtual work, high turnover rates, and "The Great Recession", we asked ourselves, how do you know when you have found the perfect match? 

So, we asked some amazing COO Forum members (and experienced operations executives), "What made you fall in love with your company" and they did not disappoint.
    • "I knew Moncur was the perfect place for me the moment I met our CEO, David Moncur. His desire to grow his business was paired perfectly with my passion to drive organizational change and lead others to successful outcomes." - HEATHER TUCHOLSKI Chief Operating Officer | Moncur

    • "I knew that NCN Technology was the perfect match for me just 5 minutes into the first interview. The passion and excitement for bringing client dreams to life was palpable, making it impossible not to fall in love with this company and its mission. I knew that my skillset and the stage of growth the company was in were a perfect fit for each other. Helping the team at NCN Technology soar to new heights is so rewarding. If I had to do it all again, I wouldn't change a thing." - Jessica Lee, Chief Operating Officer | NCN Technology

    • "There were several key signs early on that I knew my current company was a perfect match for me. From day one, I was excited to go into the office, and felt that I was a trusted partner as I was given the freedom to deep dive into the key challenges the company was facing and gained frequent recognition for the positive results. After 3 years, I still bounce out of bed and look forward to heading into the office to face each challenge as an opportunity. It is a great feeling to have a healthy work mindset that encourages a work/life balance." - Michael Goggin, COO | CloudQ

    • "17 years ago, Energy Access brought me in during a pivotal time in the company as it transitioned from a partnership to solely owned. The president of the company presented what he thought was a job description he was looking to fill. I felt comfortable with about 40% of that list. It was his next statement that got me and told me I was who he was looking for. He said, “I am not sure what we are looking for, I would like someone to come in and OWN the operations of the business and take us to the next level.” This was a stretch for me and for them; a perfect match!" - Josh Renicker | Energy Access, Inc.

    • "When I was recruited for my role with PSS about 6 years ago, I knew early on this was the perfect spot for me.  Serving the k-12 industry, teachers, and students was something I could get behind right away.  In addition, I knew I would have the autonomy to implement changes and initiatives that would have an immediate impact on our company, employees, and customers.  In my career, I learned how difficult it can be to find a “home” where you can impact positive change, have the freedom to execute, and have amazing team support to implement.  I’m a lucky guy!" - Gary Nickol | Folio

    • "Let me start by sharing that I am a very spiritual person. During my final conversation with the firm’s owners, I was still unsure if I would make a career move, so I asked God to make it crystal clear that I should leave my 17-year career in government to shift to Corporate America.  The moment the CEO advised me that instead of “closing my eyes and leaping”, I need to “Trust God” it was crystal clear that Jacobsen|Daniels was ‘the one.’ And to be honest, I’ve been glowing and flowing since I said ‘yes’!" - ARRELLE ANDERSON, Chief Administrative Officer | Jacobsen|Daniels

    • "Well, I knew Mad Mex was the perfect match because I have a strong affinity for tacos and guac, and my husband's obsession with their burritos made it clear that they knew what they were doing! Plus, as someone who enjoys working in founder-led businesses, I couldn't resist the opportunity to be part of a company where the boss is always willing to bring extra hot sauce to the table. #WorkAndTacoBoutIt #perfectmatch #founderled" - Therese Frangie, COO | Mad Mex

    • "I began "courting" my current company personally as a parent long before I had a professional interest. I chose to enroll my two daughters in this school district because it exemplified shared beliefs, purpose, and aligned with my core values. When an opportunity was presented for me to join the leadership team, my experience as a parent was affirmed once I met my potential colleagues and team during the interview process. The engagement was light, conversation personable, and I felt an inner sense of solidity, where I truly believed I could be the best version of myself. The experience made it clear that this company was indeed the perfect match." - Cassandra Washington, EMBA, Chief Operating Officer | University Prep Schools

    • What resonated and really hit home for me with Verra Mobility is the purpose driven agenda, I worked at many tech companies before and tried to find my purpose. Verra Mobility is in the business of savings lives and that’s superior to any other purpose.
      Shawky Haddad | Verra Mobility

    • The truth is I spent time learning my attributes of success and what I need in a role to be able to succeed. As I interviewed with multiple firms, I tried to match my attributes, needs, and wants to the team’s and firm’s attributes, needs, and wants. Once I found a high degree of alignment, the rest was history. I have been in my role for over and loving it.
      James Beck, COO | New View Capital